Up in the Andes Estilo Peruano: our adventure thus far

Although the wine has been sparse in Peru so far on our journey, we have been delighting in the local ´bebidas´ from Pisco Sours, Inca Cola, Cusquena a local beer, and Coca tea. We are even debating visiting the wine region of Ica lots of sparkling wine is made in this Southern province of Peru.

More popular than Coca Cola, Inca Cola

Lima was a very eclectic coast town, we stayed in the Barrancos area. This was great for us because it is the Bohemian area of Lima and we found it quite suitable.We did enjoy Miraflores as well as El Centro. Colorful buildings, gorgeous colonial mansions, and of course coastal fog filled our days of sightseeing. A bike tour from Bike Tours of Lima rescued us from our jet lag , our guide Franco was fantastic.  The food was delicious as well , from traditional Peruvian cuisine to Comida Chifa ( a fusion of Chinese food and Peruvian food).

Barrio Barrancos

My favorite food during our visit to Lima was the Aji de Gallina, a chicken dish made with the infamous Aji chile, very difficult to find in the U.S. , they like it spicy down here. Other traditional dishes that we shared were Arroz con Pollo and an Amazonion dish Tacu Tacu con Asado.

Ají de Gallina

After delighting in all that Lima had to offer we are resting up in Cusco anticipating our 4 day trek to Machu Picchu. Drinking lots of Coca tea, sipping on Quinoa soup , and eating the vast variety of Peruvian potatoes.

Tomorrow we are going to nosh around town at the infamous Mercado de San Pedro. Other traditional dishes on our must-eat list include: Alpaca steaks or burger, anticuchos de carne or alpaca (beef hearts or Alpaca hearts on a skewer) , and Cuy.

Chicas bebiendo Pisco

Ciao y Cheers de Peru!


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