The top 5 things to do in Rio De Janiero

1. Drink a Brazilian  beer (Brahma, Bohemia (our favorite), Antartica, etc.) on the streets, beaches, taxis, or on the wild bus rides of Rio de Janiero.

Brazilian beer line up , except Stella

2. Visit the Lapas neighborhood on any night of the week, but most importantly Friday night. Scope out the beautiful Caraicos, both male and female. There are plenty of lesbian and gay and transvestites too. Stay out until sunrise that is the thing to do. During the day Lapas houses the famous Lapas Steps, mosaic stairs . Featured in the Snoop Dogg, Beautiful video.

Lapas steps a real treat.

3. Drink a 600 ml Caipirinha or any size ,Caipri for short. An outstanding Brazilian drink made with mottled limes, sugar, and Cachaça. Opt for Abacaxi , Maracuyo , or Marango for a fruity twist or fall in love with the traditional Limao. Delicious! 1 to 2 of these drinks you are in the clear 3 or 4 and Rio gets a bit blurry.

Delicious, refreshing, and pairs well with a beach

4. Put on your Brazilian bathing suit , grab a Canga and head to the gorgous Ipanema beach. Feeling a little more daring , head to Copcabana, watch out for the Flavela kids. They will steal your stuff!

Ipanema beach, wonderful area to get a tan and people watch.

5. Visit Pao de Azucar, great view of the city, the Christ the Redeemor statue and has two funiculares you get to ride to get to the tip top. Go on a clear day and arrive an hour before the sunset, truly epic experience.

We have had lots of fun on Rio de Janiero, staying both in Ipanema and Santa Teresa. Both neighborhoods are interesting and offer different vibes of the city. Santa Teresa is the Bohemian area of Rio and is surrounded by 4 Flavelas which makes it interesting to say the least. Ipanema is a higher-end area and of course very close to the actual beach. We are heading up the coast tomorrow visitng a variety of high visited surfing areas and beaches. For a fabulous accomodation in Ipanema we recommend the Mango Tree hostel, an old colonial architecture building. In Santa Teresa, a gorgeous Bohemian woman runs the Casa Aurea, a former mansion turned into hostel.

The Bohemian neighborhood very hilly



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