Harvest 2012

The 2012 vintage definitely lived up to speculation. Crops were abundant, quality was ridiculous,and the Cabernet ripened above 27 as well as the Merlot yielding intense chocolate flavors and lots of blackberry across the board. For us, the tonnage for Cabernet was less than expected but other varietals delivered an additional ton above expectation.

Here is a glimpse of our entire harvest from start to finish

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Finishing on October 21st, it was a great vintage, harvest began promptly after the heat wave and most varietals ripened together contrary to tradition where the Merlot ripens ahead of the Cabernet. The logistics and strategy were excellent, both tractors were used, and much celebrating is taking place.

Growing grapes for premium Napa wines is never easy and a lot of stress, strategy, and rolling with the punches are all in order. Most of the winemakers are always supportive , one must always know how massage egos .
Cheers to the vintage to perk up all farmers whether raisin growers or growers that farm  on the extreme hillside , all of us can rejoice after the previous 2  years.



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