Spanish Wine Travels a la Priorat

If you are an adventure seeker or a connoisseur of fine wines sourced from extreme hillside vineyards then you better get a rental car on your next trip through the wine country in Spain and head to Priorat.

Priorat Spain

Made up of entirely of Licorella or slate stone these vineyards consist of tiny pieces of broken rock where the vines grow on extreme slopes . Predominately all head trained and older than 70 years old these gnarly vines create intense and complex wines.


We thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality in Porrera and Priorat. These hillside vineyards put our pretty extreme vineyard in its place as extreme but not as extreme as Priorat. This region has seen a resurgence in the last decade at one time it was abandoned and the vines were left fallow.


Our first stop was at Bodega Clos Dominic a multi-generational winery with vineyards located down a canyon in Porrera. As part of the tour we hopped into a big SUV and drove to the vineyard which really gave us perspective about this region and why it is so distinct. Clos Dominic, SpainWe loved all the wineries on our visit to Priorat and Prorrera. Another notable favorite was Bodega Mas Sinen.


Mas Sinen

This gentlemen had visited Napa in the early 80s and is an advocate for organic farming and winemaking. He had a variety of training styles in his vineyard and some of the best sweeping views of this craggy area.

native poppy of Spain

Native poppy of Spain. Compared to our golden California poppy.

The owner took us on a lengthy tour of his vineyard catering to our interests and viticultural backgrounds. It was lovely. We explored the soil texture touching and discovering what this Licorella is all about.

P1010968Along the way we  drank from his natural spring from a Porrón

Drinking from the spring from a porron

He was very passionate about not only the viticulture but the winemaking as well.

P1010982All in all we thoroughly enjoyed discovering this beautiful are full of beautiful wines and extreme vineyards. We are definitely looking forward to explore more of the Priorat region.



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