Our New Biodynamic CSA Box Program

Hi everyone, we are excited to announce that we are two quarters into our new CSA box program. There is still time left to sign up for our current term that will end 4/3. Or feel free to join our next term which will be from 4/10-6/26 , each delivery is ready for pick up on Thursdays and it is $30/box making the new term $360 per share. Each box is comprised of 6-10 items and includes a newsletter with recipes and notes from the farm.

We feature all sorts of heirloom crops throughout their respective seasons. Currently we are enjoying delicious giant Spinach leaves, purple Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Asian green Stir Fry mix, purple and green Pak Choi, variety of Kales, an array of Radishes, Rapini, a variety of herbs, garlic and our all time favorite home made sprouts (lentil, alfalfa, clover, mung beans, and more)

All of our produce is started by seed in soil blocks, no plastic needed. We use all organic components , Biodynamic compost and all of the Demeter certified Biodynamic preparations.

Feel free  to email us with any questions this is currently Napa’s only Biodynamic CSA box program.

To join our CSA program we ask for payment ahead of time.


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