The Napa Soda Springs, Part #1

A fantastic piece about the special property across the way from our vineyard


Napa Soda Springs stereoscopic card - late 1800s Napa Soda Springs stereoscopic card – late 1800s

Throughout the counties of Sonoma, Lake and Napa, which had made up General Vallejo’s immense frontier, were sprinkled hot springs and sulphur springs and iron springs, bubbling their assumedly health-giving waters from deep beneath the surface of the earth. Among these many sites of spiritual and physical relaxation and rejuvenation was the Napa Soda Springs, frequented for centuries previously by Native Americans. The site has a long history of squabble and success and was the original destination for well-to-do San Franciscans before the lure of upscale wineries and hundred dollar bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Located shortly up the Soda Canyon in the Napa Valley, the location was easily accessible by carriage compared to the more difficult spring locations such as Mark West, the Geysers at Calistoga or Bartlett Springs in Lake County. Also, for fifteen dollars a week, the Napa Soda Springs…

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