The Napa Soda Springs, Part #2

Another clever investigation into the History of Napa Soda Springs and the infamous Napa ‘Soda’


A view of the ruins of Napa Soda Springs, recent A view of the ruins of Napa Soda Springs, recent

Colonel J. P. Jackson

Colonel J. P. Jackson bought the Napa Soda Springs in April 1872 from Dr. Whitney for $120,000. This acquisition was just one of the many successes of a man whose life history parallels the progress of American expansion and industrialization. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jackson would become a well connected lawyer, orator and business professional. At the age of sixteen, while presenting a purse of money to Louis Kossuth, the Hungarian patriot, Jackson impressed Bellamy Storer, a judge in Cincinnati, with his speech so much that he insisted that Jackson come and work with him at his law office. From this position, Colonel Jackson met the future President William Henry Harrison, whom he worked with for two years. In Cincinnati, Jackson came into contact with another future president, Rutherford B. Hayes, and also met his futureā€¦

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